CD Release and tour with Gjertrud Lunde

15.05.14 Karmøy / Torvastad Kirke
14.05.14 Jørpeland /
Jørpeland Kirke 
13.05.14 Nærbø /
Nærbø Kirke  
12.05.14 Oslo /
Kulturkirken Jakob
11.05 14 Düsseldorf /
05.05.14 Köln / 
04.05.14 Dortmund /
Paulus Kirche und Kultur


Live CD Trio Bert Lochs feat. Lydia van Dam

“Sunny” released by EPIX

Interview Project Germany


Now on Youtube: Manfred Leuchter with band and guests

Jasper Somsen Group RELEASE

DoCumentarY ABOUT THE Klitschko-BrOTHERS

“Grasmücke und Pitbulls” ON GERMAN TV (3Sat)

Christof May Group feat. Nils Petter Molvær

NeW Film musiC - Showreels online

"Reisezeit Costa Rica"


TV Documentary about ukrainE

feat. Nils Petter Molvær and Susanne Abbuehl 

The album was released on 9.10.2015 on Challenge Records

Christof May - (bass)clarinet, saxophone & production

Florian Zenker - guitar, electronics & coproduction

Bob Wijnen - keyboards

Jens Loh - bass

Eric Hoeke - drums & electronics

featuring: Nils Petter Molvær (trompet) and Susanne Abbuehl (voice)

On 27.01.2016 the WDR showed the continuation of the documentary about the world of the German church courts, this time with an emphasis on the child abuse scandal from Hildesheim.

The first part of the documentary was broadcast on 30.11.2015 on First German Television.

The film is by Eva Müller, producer Jo Angerer, the music is by me.

Performance on the Drammen Sacred Festival (Norway)

Gjertrud Lunde - voice

Arve Henriksen - trompet, electronics

Florian Zenker - guitar, baritone guitar, electronics

Wolfert Brederode – piano, rhodes

Jarle Vespestad – drums, percussion

Recordings for film music composer Stefan Ziethen

Stefan Ziethen composed the music for the cinema-documentaries NOWITZKI - The Perfect Shot (Sebastian Dehnhardt, 2014) und Nice Paces to Die (Bernd Schaarmann, 2015), and I recorded electric guitar, various acoustic guitars, ukulele, baritone guitar, dobro and banjo to the soundtrack.

Both films are also available as DVD, Bluray and soundtrack-album

I had the opportunity to make music for the WDR children TV, and scored the segment “How to Share” of the “Show with the Elephant” with ukulele, accordeon, guitar and children piano

From 20. to 22.4. I played on the Global Week Festival in Beirut.

On 20. and 21.4. I performed together with Gjertrud Lunde, with Nareg Abajian, Khaled Omran and Dani Shukri.

On 22.4. I played with Salon Joussour / Tony Overwater and Steven Kampermann and different musicians from Syria and Lebanon

On 26.4. a World Music / Jazz-concert with profiled musicians from Canada, Syria, Norway, The Netherlands and Germany took place at LOFT / Köln.

This concert was Cologne´s contribution to the international festival GLOBAL WEEK FOR SYRIA. The profit of the concert was donated to JASMIN-HILFE, an organisation of humanitarian help for Syrian children.

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